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Friday, December 6, 2013

Beauty And The Beast Musical Theater UPM

Assalammualaikum & Salam Mesra
Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pengasih Maha Penyayang

4 Disember 2013. This is a first time i go to musical theater and they all speaking english. Eee...mcm hodohnya BI Wida ni. Bukan takde keyakinan nak cakap tapi keyakinan tu xde bila orang lain merendah2kan kita (ala sebenarnya memang xreti cakap BI mengaku je la).

Ni baru betul teater yang Wida nak pergi. Sebelum ni salah hari nak pergi tengok teater. Maka Wida tengok la juga teater Fragmen 1400 yang best tu. Beauty and the beast ni pun best jugak. Wida suka watak2 pelakon dalam tu. Mereka berjaya melakonkan watak mereka dan Wida tabik spring la kat diaorang mampu buat macam tu, macam kalah je production kat luar2 sana. 

Ok la Wida story little bit of synopsis about musical theater. Beauty and the beast is a fairy tale about the love between a beast and a beautiful girl named Belle. Belle, a young girl who lived with her father had to replace him as punishment for trespassing the castle owned by the Beast in the wood.

She had to live with the Beast in the castle forever as she was wailing to replace her father from being punished. Together with the Beast were his servants which are the lived furniture sets like Lumiere (the candle), Cogsworth (the clock), Mrs Potts (the tea pot), Chip (Mrs Potts' son), Featherduster and the rest. 

Gaston who admires Belle planned to kill the Beast. Together with the villagers, they entered the castle and Gaston managed to stab the Beast with the knife. Belle finally admits that she was actually in love with the Beast after the Beast told her that his final wish to meet Belle become true before death.

An enchantress came and transformed the Beast into a young handsome man. The Belle realized that the Beast was actually a prince who cursed when he was young. The transformation also changed the servants to be humans again. Belle and the Beast, which is Prince Adam now, got married and lived happily ever after. 

 Opening Performance by Nur Afiqah

 Beautiful voice...i like :) 

Beauty and the Beast START NOW :)




 Kak Finiey

 It's me Wahid Wida

 Student from UKM. Thanks for coming

 Rasdianah with Eka Rahim and the geng


 Together with them

Congratulation and wonderfull :)

Awesome too!!!

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